8th Asia Pacific Tchoukball Championships 2018

25 Malaysians have participated in the 8th Asia Pacific Tchoukball Championships (APTC) on the 6th– 8th July 2018 in Singapore. 12 of them represented in the Men category, while the other 12 represented in the Women Category and both teams were led by a manager. This competition is a crucial one as it determines the countries which will proceed to the World Tchoukball Cup (WTC) next year. Only the top 4 countries will proceed into WTC.

Through a draw done by the Host Country, Malaysia teams were destined to be in Group A.

Singapore and Philippine are our long-time strong competitors for Men category. We were even more shocked when the Malaysia Men had to compete with both of these strong competitors on the very first day of tournament. In order to advance into the semi-final (Top 4), Malaysia had no choice but to win either one of these countries.

In the very first match for Malaysia Men against Singapore, Malaysia lost to Singapore at the score of 32 – 67. Meanwhile, the Women team gave their all but still lost to the World Champion Chinese Taipei team at the score of 18 – 51.

With just 2 hours of rest, Malaysia Men had to compete with the next strong competitor. Thankfully, the team strived with every last ounce of energy and won Philippines at the score of 51 – 43. The Women team lost the game with the well-trained Macau at 24 – 51.

Malaysia Men played their last match of the first day with Vietnam and won at the score of 55 – 28.

The second day started with victory as the Women team won Cambodia at 73 -7. The Men team also played very well in their matches with Thailand and Sri Lanka and won both matches. However, the Women team lost to Singapore B in the last match of the day.

With those results tabulated, the Men team has successfully advanced into the Semi- Final and will compete with Group B’s 1st ranking, which was Chinese Taipei team on the third day. On the other hand, the Women team will also be competing for the 5th placing against Philippine.

On the third day, Malaysia men played their very best against World Champion Chinese Taipei and lose at 45 – 82. Hence, the team will be competing for the 3rd/4th placing with Singapore team.

On the other court, Malaysia Women played an intense match against Philippines for the 5th Placing and won at 42 – 41.

The Men team once again met their strong competitor and competed for the 3rd Place. Malaysia was not far from Singapore with only a few scores behind at every period. However, their stability, experiences and good formation has led to their victory with the score 52 – 58.