What is Tchoukball?

What is Tchoukball

Tchoukball is the fastest hand ball sport in the world today.  Invented in the late 1960s, tchoukball is a

team sport of 7 players that unites all key sporting skills; athleticism, concentration, respect for oneself and the opposition and teamwork.  Here are our key values below to explain more.

The Tchoukball Charter

Tchoukball excludes any striving for prestige, whether individually or as a team; rather it is a sport in which players pursue excellence through personal training and collective effort.

Tchoukball is open to players of all degrees of ability (natural or acquired) and skill. Inevitably one willencounter players of every possible ability/skill level during play. Every player must adapt his own play and attitude (technical or tactical) to the circumstances of the moment because each player – team mate or opposing player – is due proper respect and consideration.

Tchoukball History

Dr. Hermann Brandt

“The objective of human physical activities is not to make champions, but to make a contribution to building a harmonious society.”

– Dr. Hermann Brandt

In Year 1970, Tchoukball is a unique sport originated from Switzerland. The inventor of the game, Dr. Hermann Brandt, a physician who treated a large amount of injured sportsman due to the various forms of aggressiveness in sports, started to worry about the educative value of modern sport and the abuses of it. Thus, Dr. Hermann Brandt wanted to create a sport that would allow individual to acquire and maintain a lasting physical, mental and social balance. Tchoukball seeks to make his wish come true.

A Story

The name of the game originated from one of the treatments that Dr. Hermann Brandt does for his patients, that is to have his patient to throw a ball at a trampoline which bounces the ball back for the patient to catch. A ‘tchouk’ sound is made each time the ball touches the net of the trampoline; hence, Tchoukball.