About Us


Building a good life value, character and welfare among young people besides uniting them through Tchoukball.


Unity is the key to success. Hence, we require our players to have same spirit and goal in the sports. Moreover, we want them to achieve good values and well-being in their own lives through this sport.

Tchoukball enables us to learn Honour, Obedience, Responsibility,  Attentiveness, Punctuality, Teamwork and many other characters.

MTBA (Malaysia Tchoukball Association)

Tchoukball started in Malaysia in year 2007, introduced by Jeff Ang from Singapore. A group of young people led by Justin Foo, played Tchoukball among the churches and schools. The 1st President for Tchoukball Malaysia was Rev. Philip Sung. He led Malaysia team to participate in international tournaments and organized a number of local tournaments. They promoted the sport to Penang, K.L and Ipoh. Rev. Philip Sung was the President of Tchoukball Malaysia since 2007 – 2011

In year 2011, Tchoukball grew bigger in Malaysia. Melaka state registered 3 clubs under Belia dan Sukan. We organized yearly tournament known as “The Knight Tchoukball Cup” and also inter-primary tournaments. With much determination and hard work, we manage to host our 1st international competition which was “2nd Asia Pacific Youth Tchoukball Championships”. Overall, Tchoukball has enlarged its territory to Sarawak, Seremban and Johor. They have built up teams to participate in local and International tournaments. The 2nd President of Malaysia Tchoukball Association was Mr. Heng Chwen Guang since 2011-2013

In year 2013, Malaysia Tchoukball Association (registered under FITB) combined with Malaysia Tchoukball Association (registered under ROS) in February to be one main association. The 3rd and current President of Malaysia Tchoukball Association is Mr. Chin Sin Sui.

Through all the hard work, Malaysia Tchoukball Association has finally registered under Kementerian Belia dan Sukan in year 2017. Every year we participate in 2-3 international competitions and currently, we are ranked 8th in the World for Men category and 16th in the World for Women Category.

The President list:

     1) Rev. Philip Sung      2007 – 2011
     2) Mr. Heng Chwen Guang      2011 – 2013
     3) Mr. Chin Sin Sui      2013 Present


Committee list:

MTBA Committee 2018-2019


  • President – Mr. Chin Sin Sui
  • Vice President – Mr. Nicholas Tan Jian Wei
  • General Secretary – Mr. Chin Kai Xian
  • Assistant Secretary – Mr. Henry Chien Kang Teck
  • Assistant Secretary – Ms. Lee Fui Shin
  • General Treasurer – Ms. Janice Tan Chern Ning
  • Assistant Treasurer – Mr. Ngu Ing Piew
  • General Coach – Mr. Chin Kai Xian
  • General Referee – Mr. Wong Chee Chuong
  • Executive Committee – Mr. Law Yiik Tin